What CBD Can Do For Your Health

CBD, for Cannabidiol, is one of the major active ingredients found in the Cannabis plant. This plant consists of hundreds of unique chemicals, referred to as cannabinoids. Cannabidiol is just one of the many chemicals found in the Cannabis plant. 

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to CBD. Here, we clear out common ones and go into just how beneficial it can be for you.

CBD will not make you high

CBD will not make you high

As an extract from the Cannabis plant, an immediate assumption about CBD is it will make you high the same way taking in a whole Marijuana plant would. This is a misconception. As an isolated extract, the psychoactive component in marijuana, THC, is not present in CBD.  Not only do findings show that CBD doesn’t interfere with our brains motor functions and mental ability, it actually decreases the effects of THC.

Those who are apprehensive about taking CBD due to a bad psychoactive experience with the Marijuana plant should be aware that CBD won’t alter your mental state the same way THC does. 

CBD is a naturally occurring substance in and out of your body

The Cannabis plant isn’t the only source of cannabinoids. This substance is naturally found in other plants such as hemp, cloves, black pepper, broccoli and even carrots. Additionally, our body creates its own cannabinoids that play a role as ‘signaling’ molecules in our endocannabinoid system: a bodily system responsible for the regulation of pain, mood, metabolism, memory immune function etc. 

If you have reservations about taking CBD thinking it’s such a foreign substance to introduce to the body, know that our body naturally produces it and when taken from external sources has had positive effects for many. 

CBD affects everyone differently

Considered a highly dynamic substance, CBD affects everyone differently according to what’s prominently ‘out of balance’ within the body. This explains why CBD has been linked to numerous benefits ranging from anxiety relief, decreased blood pressure, hormone regulation, insomnia, depression, and mood stabilization. 

Take a moment to be mindful of your body’s physical, mental, and emotional imbalances. You’ll soon learn that the benefits of CBD can be very helpful and noticeable in areas where your health is most off balance. 

CBD benefits are accumulative

CBD is a fat-soluble chemical meaning excess amounts are stored in fat and released accordingly. This is especially beneficial as CBD stores can help keep your mental and physical wellbeing in check on particularly difficult days where the negative effects of chronic stress can take its toll. 

CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory

 As previously mentioned, CBD has anti-inflammatory benefits. This spans across issues with inflammation as a major culprit such as depression, physical pain like frequent headaches, digestive issues, cancer, heart diseases, arthritis, etc. CBD has been shown to lower levels of chronic inflammation and in turn ease many of negative symptoms that come with it. 

CBD Reduces Anxiety

CBD is an anxiolytic meaning it promotes calmness in our mind and body without feeling drowsy. This is due to CBD directly affecting our brain by lowering activity in the amygdala (the area in our brain that activates anxiety) while increasing activity in our prefrontal cortex (the area in our brain that lowers anxiety. 

An ability to naturally lower anxiety is often overlooked in terms to just how widespread this can benefit an individual’s health. Lowered levels of anxiety link closely to lower blood pressure, lower inflammation, happiness, better sleep quality, a stronger heart, better digestion, and overall a healthier sense of wellbeing from the inside out. 

With modern lifestyles being so pervasive in terms of stress, finding natural means to help us keep and be more resilient is always much welcome and much needed. 

How to take CBD

As with any food or supplement, you’ll want to find the best quality you can afford in order to get the most out of an ingredient. CBD is known to be well tolerated by most people. A starting dose of 10 milligrams can be beneficial already, with the option to increase accordingly. 

Additionally, keep a health goal in mind with what you want to achieve with CBD. Whether it’s to lower inflammation, promote relaxation, help manage a disease etc, you can complement CBD’s benefits with the appropriate lifestyle to get your health to where you want it to be. 

Feel the calming effects of CBD yourself and discover how it can help with any pain, inflammation and anxiety that you’re going through. Pair it with the anti-inflammatory powers of Turmeric with Ginger or the calming powers of Nature’s Health Calm Anti-Anxiety to complement its health benefits.

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