Neurodegenerative Disorders

Anti-Aging Juice Recipes

If your complexion is important to you, and you want younger looking, softer skin, this is the recipe you’ve been looking for! Two of the key ingredients in any juicing recipe dedicated to improving your skin are: cucumbers and oranges.  Oranges provide your body with important vitamin C, which will help your skin appear more

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Mental and Physical Signs You Need to Slow Down

In this fast-paced life of ‘more is more’, there’s a misplaced correlation of busyness with self-worth. This comes as no surprise when social media, influential figures, the news etc. all glorify every innovation that brings something new, fast, instant, and innovative. And while this is all amazing, it can leave most people misguided with how

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A Beginners Guide to Popular Modern Diets

Navigating the health world and all it’s different facets can get confusing. There’s a plethora of information where health is concerned for weight loss, disease prevention, detoxing, beautifying, etc., and with these desired health goals come some kind of prescribed diet. Here, we cover and summarize 4 of the most popular modern lifestyle diets. Ayurveda

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Do I need Mindfulness?

The concept of Mindfulness may seem complicated  but what it truly signifies is radical simplicity.  The culprit? Our current lifestyles have become so complicated that simplicity can seem out of reach, unachievable and even unrealistic! So, let’s start at the beginning, with the understanding that mindfulness is simplicity itself and the process of discovery is

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Managing Your Emotions In Daily Life – The Ayurvedic Way

In today’s modern world, busy daily lifestyles are the root cause for low moods and feelings such as; unhappiness, restlessness, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, loss of desire to stay active and social withdrawal. We neglect our basic needs and never allow fort moments of peace, calmness and feeling in tune with nature. This behavior negatively affects

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How to Look After Your Vital Organs Part 1: Your Brain and Heart

Health is best approached from the inside out. What we put into our body and what goes on inside our body will reflect on the outside. As we know, our body consists of several systems that work synergistically to keep us alive and functioning. The thousands of processes simultaneously happening within our body is nothing

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This Vitamin is Essential for Your Mental Wellbeing

We unfortunately live in a world where mental health isn’t talked about enough and any mental issue usually means a visit to the doctor to prescribe a pill. But did you know that your mental wellbeing doesn’t have to depend on being happy as a default or a pill to make it so? While life’s

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