The Right Way To Use Vitamin C on Your Skin

Vitamin C, 1/3 of the holy trinity of must-have skin care (hello sunscreen and moisturizer). Whether you’re a casual or avid skincare advocate, this beauty product has earned its various titles such as ‘must have’ ‘shelf staple’ ‘cult favorite’ etc. thanks to its tried and true efficacy.

To make the most of this beautifying ingredient, take note of the following tips on how to use Vitamin C serum for your skin for maximum benefits:

Always apply to clean skin

1. Always apply to clean skin

Clean skin provides the perfect base to absorb all the nourishing ingredients it needs. Be sure to optimize the absorption of your Vitamin C serum by applying it to a clean face.

Oil and grime on dirty skin create a barrier that can hamper your skin from reaping the full benefits of Vitamin C, and of any skin care product at that.

2. Layer correctly

A general rule of thumb when it comes to layering your skincare is to work with the thinnest consistency and work up to the thickest.

A typical order for using your skin care products would usually follow:

1. Cleanse– Makeup remover, facial wash, cleansing oil, etc.

2. Exfoliate– Scrub, peel etc.

3. Mask– Hydrate, detoxify etc.

4. Tone– Toner, mist, spray etc.

5. Treat– Serum, essence, spot treatments etc.

6. Moisturize– Lotion, face oil, eye oil/cream etc.

7. Protect– SPF

Vitamin C serum, regardless of how minimal or elaborate your skincare regimen is, should follow after cleansing or toning, and before moisturizing. This ensures that the product gets properly absorbed into your skin.

3. Double check your exfoliator

Vitamin C in itself is a naturally exfoliating ingredient. It gently sloughs off dead skin cells which is partially why it helps to brighten the skin on top of the fact that it promotes cell renewal and stimulates collagen production.

If you’re using a particularly abrasive exfoliator or using a form of peel, you may want to take a moment to assess if your skin can handle a Vitamin C serum after exfoliating.

Those with sensitive skin in particular may need to skip on Vitamin C serum after exfoliating so as to not over exfoliate the skin which could potentially leave it red and sensitized.

Prioritize a morning application

4. Prioritize a morning application

The best time to use Vitamin C serum is every morning. This collagen-boosting, wrinkle preventing, and brightening beauty ingredient does another thing for your skin: it protects it from free radicals, the environmental aggressors you face in your day-to-day life.

Having a layer of Vitamin C serum on your face gives you that added protection and anti-aging benefit as your skin won’t be as vulnerable to damage.

Pair it with sunscreen

5. Pair it with sunscreen

The rich antioxidant content that Vitamin C serums nourish the skin with are meant to brighten and protect the skin from free radicals that come from environmental aggressors such as UV rays and pollution. Vitamin C alone however is not enough to fully protect your skin and using it is best complemented with a quality sunscreen that leaves your skin nourished and protected from harmful UV rays.

Make the most of your morning skincare regimen with a Vitamin C serum and sunblock application, both which should work synergistically to keep your skin protected from daily stressors.

Don’t forget your décolletage

6. Don’t forget your décolletage

When going through the motions of your skincare routine, don’t forget to apply Vitamin C serum to your décolletage; the neck and chest area. The skin around there typically get the same exposure as your face and deserve as much TLC. The neck is nicknamed ‘your second face’ as it ages similarly and would benefit from a proper skincare routine to keep it looking as vibrant and healthy as the skin on your face.

If you haven’t incorporated Vitamin C on your skin, here’s why you should. Look no further than our Skin Bright Vitamin C Serum which is made with 98% naturally derived Vitamin C.

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