Probiotic Benefits that Have Nothing to do with Digestion

Probiotics have taken the mantle of the most ideal supplement for good gut health. Needed by adults and children, healthy or unhealthy individuals alike, almost everybody can benefit from taking a quality probiotic. But did you know that these wonderful little living microorganisms do so much more than help us digest our food and regulate bowel movements?

The benefits of having a healthy gut, enhanced by taking probiotics, cascade into a host of other health benefits that seemingly have no interconnection with your stomach, but in fact do. Your gut health can make all the difference in your digestion, immunity, skin and even your mental health.

Apart from better digestion, here are some other amazing benefits probiotics can give you that have nothing to do with digestion:

1. Boosted Immunity

Boosted Immunity

Did you know that a healthy gut has a lot of bearing on how strong your immunity is? Seeing as a large portion of your immunity is located in your gut (think your immune cells) an unhealthy gut pulls down your immunity as these two systems interact very closely and are interlinked in keeping our bodies healthy.

Probiotics enhance healthy immune function. This is why taking probiotics are essential as our immunity guards us against disease and infection.

2. Clearer Skin

Clearer Skin

Taking probiotics have shown that they can help clear your skin, especially where skin inflammation issues are concerned. The beneficial bacteria’s health benefits carry all the way over to your skin by helping improve issues like acne, rosacea, eczema and dermatitis.

Probiotics improve our skin thanks to their immune-regulating ability and lowering inflammation in our body. Inflammation and an overactive immune system are what causes various skin conditions like dermatitis to surface which is what makes probiotics such a good ally achieving clear skin.

3. Better Moods

Better Moods

People with allergies have a distinctly different gut microbiome from people who aren’t experiencing allergies. If allergies can ruin your entire day, incorporate probiotics into your wellness routine to lessen or even cure allergies.

Remember what we were saying about the majority of your immune system being located in the gut and that probiotics help to regulate an overactive immune system? This holds significance for dealing with allergies because having more good gut bacteria helps your immune system function optimally, meaning balancing out your bodies histamine response thus giving less severe allergic reactions and potentially none at all.


Keep in mind that probiotics are live micro-organisms. Encapsulating them in supplement form can be tricky business and it’s important to choose a quality probiotic that will actually make it past your stomach acid and into your intestines.

Opt for at least 30 billion CFU’s (colony forming units) to reap the full benefits that probiotic supplements have to offer and be watchful about the expiration date. Where probiotics are concerned, fresher is better as these live microorganisms do die out and you’ll want a fresh bottle to ensure potency.

Ideally, the best time to take a probiotic supplement is when your stomach acid is low. Try taking it at least 30 minutes before mealtimes or on an empty stomach (your stomach churns out more acid with food in it after all) to get the most of your probiotic supplement.

Want clear skin, strong immunity, and better moods in one easy steps? Try out Probiotic supplement which contains 40 billion live and active cultures, all encased in our special capsules that safeguard the probiotics survival through stomach acid and ensure proper delivery and absorption in the small intestines.

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