Mental and Physical Signs You Need to Slow Down

In this fast-paced life of ‘more is more’, there’s a misplaced correlation of busyness with self-worth.

This comes as no surprise when social media, influential figures, the news etc. all glorify every innovation that brings something new, fast, instant, and innovative. And while this is all amazing, it can leave most people misguided with how they should go about their lives. For most people, a constant high-paced lifestyle that packs in as much activity as possible isn’t suitable, attainable and sustainable. This often leads to burn out due to the lack of the necessary yet underprioritized time to slow down and rest. 

If a fast-paced lifestyle is something you thrive on, you certainly don’t have to give it up. But tuning into yourself and being mindful of your finite amount of daily energy can actually help you do more and give more all while feeling so much better about it. 

If a fast paced and jammed-pack lifestyle is what your days are all about, take an honest moment to tune into some mental and physical cues that you’d benefit greatly from slowing down.

Too much exercise

Too much exercise

Many people thrive on daily exercise. High intensity interval training, heavy weight lifting, 10 kilometer runs, Crossfit, Mixed Martial Arts training etc. bring so many mental and physical benefits. What a lot of people fail to realize though is that exercise, as a part of a fitness regimen, needs to be complemented with adequate rest. 

Even Olympic athletes schedule time for rest and recovery as they well know it’s all part of building a stronger body. If you find yourself sweating it out every day, check out these signs that your body needs a rest day:

  • You have trouble sleeping due to being over fatigued and exposing your body to constantly high levels of adrenaline and cortisol, hormones that are naturally released when we exercise. 
  • You feel pain in your joints such as your knees, shoulders, shins and heels. These areas often indicate signs of overuse. 
  • You know you’re exercising too much when you reach the point of having depression and irritability due to overworked adrenal glands which can dampen your immune system and override the feel-good benefits of exercise-induced serotonin.
Too much work

Too much work

Careers are integral to our lives and sense of fulfillment. Unfortunately, getting sucked in too much with your work to the point it makes your life dysfunctional means it’s time to switch gears and slow down. 

  • You’re out of touch with your friends and family: Being out of touch with your loved ones because you spend your days from the home to your office and back indicates a serious imbalance. Slow down and learn to find more time to connect with loved ones. Even the busiest person can take 5 minutes to check in with at least 1 family member or friend at the very least.
  • Feeling lonely is a clear indication that you’re giving too much time to your work, especially if your loneliness is caused by your busy schedule hampering you from seeing loved ones. Surrounding yourself regularly with the people you love often cures loneliness, as well as taking time to do non-work related activity for yourself. If you’re feeling lonely, slow down and have dinner with a friend and/or take time to do something for yourself that has nothing to do with your career.
Too much multitasking

Too much multitasking

Multitasking is a highly praised skill but studies show that multi-tasking in fact slows you down. 

  • You’ll know you’re doing too many things simultaneously when you experience anxiety. Our brains are very capable of doing more than one thing, however doing multiple things with multiple purposes is different from doing several things but geared toward a single goal. Doing too many things to achieve several things simultaneously is very stressful on the brain and leads to anxiety. If this sounds like you, aim to focus your mind on the most urgent and important thing at hand. This isn’t necessarily slowing down because you may actually accomplish everything you need to do faster, with better quality and a sound mind.
  • Experiencing insomnia is also an indicator that you’re multitasking too much. Our brains are constantly stressed without feeling a real sense of accomplishment when it does so much at once. This triggers unease and a feeling that more can be done, hence giving you trouble sleeping. 

Slowing down is not synonymous with giving in. For your mental and physical health, periods of rest are just as important as pushing yourself past your comfort zone. This is a balancing act we should all strive for to live our best life. Slowing down to time to nourish your mind and body to keep it feeling its best is can is one of the best ways you can ensure that you can keep up with your own busy lifestyle. Incorporate Ashwagandha into your daily routine to help keep you feeling energized and balanced.

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