How to Look After Your Vital Organs Part 1: Your Brain and Heart

Health is best approached from the inside out. What we put into our body and what goes on inside our body will reflect on the outside.

As we know, our body consists of several systems that work synergistically to keep us alive and functioning. The thousands of processes simultaneously happening within our body is nothing short of miraculous considering this happens without conscious effort on our part. 

These various systems are intimately connected with our vital organs. Here, we take a closer look into 2 of our vital organs, the brain and heart, and a few simple things that we can do to specifically help them function at their best.



Our brain is the control center for everything that goes on within our body. Movement, senses, emotions etc. are all possible because of our brain. 

Here are a few things that you can do to keep your body’s most complex organ functioning at its best.

Do this:

  • Take an omega-3 fatty acid supplement like Nature’s Health Omega 3 Fish Oil. The EPA and DHA found in fish oil are highly beneficial for brain function, with DHA being an essential building block for the brain, which helps to keep mental function sharp, prevent mental disorders, and slow down age-related cognitive decline.  
  • Prioritizing regular and adequate time for sleep is vital for brain health. Even just a few hours of missed sleep causes decreased brain function and chronic lack of sleep accelerates cognitive decline. Consistent nights of quality sleep as much as you can is one of the simplest ways to keep your brain functioning its best. 
  • Keep your brain mentally engaged and stimulated on a regular basis. Reading, writing, solving problems, learning new skills, and trying new mental challenges keeps our brains active and healthy. Like a muscle, the brain needs to be used to get strong and to stay strong through a variety of mental challenges. 

Try a wide range of mental skills such as meditation, learning a new instrument, and learning a new language to keep your brain fit.  

Avoid this:

  • Avoid suppressing your emotions as this has been shown to be not just mentally damaging in an abstract sense, but also damaging in a physical sense to your brain. When dealing with difficult feelings, it’s important to go through the proper process of acknowledging and working through your feelings. Suppressed emotions have been linked to brain issues such as depression, poor emotional regulation and self-harming behavior. 
  • Keep alcohol intake at a minimum and only on occasion. Alcohol consumption doesn’t only cause immediate reduction in brain function, but regular and excessive drinking habits increases your chances of developing dementia.


Our heart is responsible for pumping life-giving blood throughout our entire body. Regardless of heart disease being so rampant all over the world, this vital organ is in fact quite resilient with even just simple yet consistent lifestyle tweaks to keep it strong. 

Do this:

  • When it comes to heart health, keeping lean is one the simplest ways to protect it.  Excess fat becomes particularly taxing on the heart due to elevated levels of artery-hardening cholesterol that often is associated with excess fat. Keep strain off your heart by maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol. 

Supplements such as turmeric and fish oil can be especially beneficial and lower inflammation and promote healthy cholesterol levels. 

  • Get your blood pressure checked regularly. Heart issues often don’t show any immediate symptoms, which is why an annual checkup (or more frequent) for your blood pressure and blood sugar can help you quickly detect any heart issues that may be developing. Heart issues can be reversed with lifestyle alone, especially when detected early, so make getting your heart checked an annual priority. 
  • Get DHAs and EPAs regularly. These essential fatty acids, most popularly found in fish oil, maintain healthy cholesterol levels. 

Avoid this:

  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. The heart is a muscle and becomes stronger when challenged. It’s important to get your heart rate up with moderate and regular exercise. 

Assess your fitness level and slowly work up from there. As you exercise and progressively get stronger, your heart does too. 

  • Avoid poor stress management. While stress in itself is unavoidable, it will greatly benefit you to learn how to manage stress healthily for your hearts’ sake. Poor stress management is linked to inflammation, and where your heart is concerned, this is often in the form of hardened arteries and an increase in blood pressure. 

Reap the multitude of benefits of omega 3 fatty acids with Nature’s Health Omega-3 Fish Oil. Made from sea-harvested Pelagic fish oil, easily incorporate the brain and heart health benefits of fish oil with these easy-to-take soft gels.

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