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Spiritual master Wayne Dyer used to say that your health is directly linked to your happiness in ways we often take for granted. In a talk in 2004, he stated, “Have you ever had a toothache? It takes over your entire life, doesn’t it? All of a sudden, work is a toothache; driving is a toothache; eating is a toothache. Nothing reduces our ability to enjoy life faster than ill health.

However, just maintaining a healthy body is only half the equation. The other half is our mental state. Like our physical health, our mental health is directly linked to our body in much the same way. Studies from numerous sources have shown that the habit of purposefully focusing our attention on what makes us happy and grateful leads directly to an overall improvement in mental health and physical health.

Making ‘happiness focus’ a consistent habit over time is your only sure bet to receiving these benefits, however. Short little bursts of happiness in between periods of depression won’t help much. Lowering stress levels over time and cultivating a positive outlook on life will dramatically improve your longevity and overall good health. The truth is being happier doesn’t just make you feel better. In fact, emerging evidence indicates it actually brings a host of potential health benefits.

Over 2000 years ago, the Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim, and end of human existence.” This is just as true today as it was then.

But what is happiness exactly? Happiness encompasses the experience of positive emotions, such as joy, contentment, and satisfaction. Happiness can be cultivated over time with the dedicated mental focus on the individual.

Healthy Habits for General Health & Happiness

There are numerous ways that being happy can make you healthier.

Let’s look at ways to Increase Your Happiness.

Digging Into the Details About the Importance of General Health & Happiness

I’ve included articles, research, best practices, and more to help you be more healthy and happy.

The Huge Benefit of Supplements for Maintaining General Health & Happiness

Because our bodies produce a matrix of hormones, neurotransmitters, as well as numerous body processes throughout that day, restorative sleep is best achieved when all of these factors remain in good balance with one another. Certain food supplements in addition to your diet can help encourage the body to balance these factors which can indirectly lead to a better, more restful night’s sleep. With changes in our dietary intake in the last few centuries, many necessary nutrients are easily left out of our food intake which is where supplements can help ‘take up the slack’.

Despite the advancements in dietary supplements in the last few years, unfortunately, there are still many less than reputable companies bottling up supplements that are less than effective and some that can even be counterproductive. The most important factors are that your supplements are pure, with no binders or fillers, and are produced in a fashion that allows the body to easily assimilate them for the best effect.

Yoga for General Health & Happiness

Though yoga is one of the best overall exercises for the mind and body helping with core strength, flexibility, and stress reduction, it has a directly beneficial effect on your sleep as well. In numerous studies, those suffering from different levels of insomnia found that even a small amount of yoga helped them get to sleep faster and get back to sleep if they woke up during the night.

Our yoga routines are prepared by our senior Yoga therapist who is a 200 ERYT USA Lead Yoga Teacher Trainer in his Yoga Center located in India.

Meditation Routines that Work

Mindful meditation has been directly linked to better sleep and longer sleep in those who suffer from insomnia. With the directed mindful meditation routines custom prepared for you by our meditation expert (and former Buddhist monk) you will be able to find deeper, more restorative sleep becoming a regular part of your daily routine.

Recipes Designed to Support General Health & Happiness

Our award-winning on-staff chef and nutritionist has perfected numerous recipes that are not only tasty but incorporate key nutrients needed to support overall good health and restorative sleep. Our hundreds of recipes cover any and all diet protocols including vegan, vegetarian, keto, juicing, as well as numerous dessert recipes.

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Do you find all of these important health factors hard to balance and incorporate into a daily routine? Believe me, you are not the only one. That is why here at Jīvānām Nutrition our certified health professionals can take all of your specific health concerns and goals and create a customized 30-day health protocol designed to maximize your health goals and make sure each important health factor is taken into account.

Our 30-day protocol is created by a certified Ayurvedic Doctor and incorporates yoga, meditation, massage, supplementation, diet, and every other important health factor into a simple to use daily routine that works.

One on One Health Coaching

To absolutely ensure your complete success with your health regimen we also offer one on one health and wellness coaching. Our roster of professionally trained and certified health coaches are on standby to help you with guidance, support, and accountability in achieving your unique health and wellness goals. These can span the gamut from making better nutrition choices to managing stress and anxiety. A health coach can be absolutely instrumental in helping you implement and sustain long-term healthful habits.

Your individual health coach will curate a positive and safe space for you to explore all areas of your well-being through meal plans, specific supplementation, exercise selection, meditation practices, and more all based on your health goals. Their job is to build a custom-tailored plan for you and help you follow through with it to guarantee you maximize your goals.

Dr. Ryan Lacuna is a Naturopathic Doctor, Exercise Physiologist, Medical Researcher, and a Professor
Dr. Kanika Verma is an Ayurveda Consultant with a Focus on Preventive Ayurveda.
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