Debunking Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss is one of the most prevalent topics of interest in the health and wellness world, so much so it has become a multibillion-dollar industry. Google ‘how to lose weight’ and you’ll be greeted with endless information on how exactly to achieve this. 

Navigating through all the information and ‘how to’s of weight loss can seem daunting and discouraging especially when you don’t get the results you wanted after following a certain weight-loss method. 

As most people will know however, weight loss isn’t one-size fits all. For healthy and sustained weight loss, get these weight loss myths out of your head next time you feel like you’re at a loss on what to do. 


Myth 1:

I have to do strenuous exercise every day to lose weight

When you look at means and ways to lose weight, you’ll find exercise routines at the top of the list. And while exercise indeed plays a significant role in weight loss, this isn’t the only means for you to lose weight. 

Don’t fall into the misconception that intense HIIT workouts, doing a daily 10 mile run, powering through high impact workouts, and essentially doing hours of cardio is the best way to lose weight. 

Weight Loss is most effective and sustainable with the right diet and nutrition and complimented with varied yet daily exercise. Opt to mix things up with an active lifestyle such as daily walks, hikes, weight lifting, yoga, cardio, sports etc. 

With that said, people find that they can lose weight without spending hours at the gym by:

  • Lowering their stress levels which in turn lowers inflammation.
  • Swapping our refined foods for whole foods which fills your body with fiber and nutrients that promote a healthy weight. 
  • Getting in regular quality sleep which helps to maintain a healthy metabolism. 

Myth 2:

I’m overweight because I have too much fat

Judging your weight by the number on a weighing scale and assuming you’re on the heavy side due to excess fat leaves so much room for error. 

You need to take into account your water retention, bone density, muscle mass and inflammation as other factors that determine your weight. 

If you’re judging your weight by the number on the scale, you’re best off using a body scan scale which breaks down factors such as body fat, muscle and bone mass and water. 

calorie deficit

Myth 3:

I need to create a calorie deficit to lose weight

Burning more calories than you put in is an old approach for weight loss, and the fact that many people don’t lose weight with this weight loss approach shows just how outdated and erroneous it is. 

Using all your willpower and fighting through hunger by cutting down your total daily caloric intake and increasing your exercise, only to find the number on the scale barely moving, if at all, can be extremely disheartening and make you feel like you’re not putting in enough effort. If this scenario sounds all too familiar, know that calorie deficit diets don’t work for many people. 

Our body’s are highly adaptive at storing food and converting them to fat and nutrients. For many people, creating a calorie deficit and increasing your exercise actually can slow down your metabolism as your body is getting the signal that food is scarce, which naturally puts it into fat storage mode. 

While calorie deficits work for many, know it doesn’t work for all as everyone’s metabolism is unique.

Weight Loss pills

Myth 4:

Weight Loss pills and drinks are the easiest way to lose weight

There is no magic pill or potion that will make you lose weight, let alone in a healthy and sustainable way. 

Know that weight loss is within your power and your daily habits and you can’t replace a lifestyle of healthy habits with a single pill and expect it to do all the work. Pills and potions are available to boost your weight loss efforts, but not to do all the work for you. 

Poor food choices and a sedentary lifestyle can’t be negated with diet pills and drinks. To make any weight loss aids work for you, you’ll need to put in work by following a healthy and active lifestyle. 


Myth 5:

I can’t lose weight, I am meant to be overweight

If you’re struggling with weight issues, especially uncontrollable weight gain despite your best efforts, you may have a metabolic disorder, often relating to your thyroid, insulin, liver, pancreas etc. 

Metabolic disorders encompass errors in your metabolism wherein your produces too much or too little of specific substances to maintain your health. A side effect and indicator of this can be uncontrollable weight loss or weight gain. 

If you suspect you have a metabolic disorder, seek the help of a professional, both for your mental and physical health to determine the best plan for a lifestyle change as well as any medications you may need. 

While there is no magic pill for weight loss, Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets make for the perfect supplement to support your weight loss efforts. These easy-to-swallow tablets give all the metabolism-boosting and fat-burning benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, all at your convenience in an easy-to-carry bottle.

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