De-Stressing Techniques to Keep You Balanced

Stress comes in many forms and in varying degrees of intensity. But the many forms of stress also come with just as many forms to destress and get you feeling calm, centered, and restored. 

Whether you’re stressing out about a long hard day at work, an argument with a loved one, if you’re looking to go past your automatic comforts to de-stress (watching TV, stress, eating, drinking, etc.), try these mindful and balancing de-stressing techniques to really work through what’s stressing you out instead.

After a long day of work

After a long day of work

We all know the feeling of long hours, high demands, and multiple deadlines. It can be extremely tiring on the body and mind. This places stress on us physically and mentally as we deal with many emotions such as excitement, anxiety, jitteriness, and worry. Even if the daily grind at work invigorates you, it’s important to give your mind and body the right signals to slow down to keep you rejuvenated and ready for more. Here are some great ways to regain balance after a long day of work:

  • Do yoga: Yoga is an excellent way to unwind after work. After the numerous activities and fast paced tone set at work, yoga brings your body into balance by focusing on one thing, your breathing and the present moment. It’s doubly beneficial as well as yoga postures can help open tight spots and tension in the body that commonly develop from prolonged sitting, hunching over a computer, wearing high heels for women, etc. 
  • Spend time with family/friends: The mental stresses of work and the demand it takes from you is best balanced out by spending time with loved ones. A nourishing meal and conversation to air out your day with people you love is the perfect way to reset and rebalance from a long day of work as you take time to focus on your needs after focusing on what’s needed of you from work.
After arguing with a loved one

After arguing with a loved one

The emotional tension that develops when fighting with a loved one affects us all deeply, and until the argument has been resolved, we carry with us the anger, sadness and resentment that commonly come from a fight. Apart from the obvious of having an open and constructive conversation to resolve any issues with a loved one, you can also work through your own feelings alone to help balance out the stress it caused you and make you more open and receptive to a healthy emotional resolve. 

  • Journal: Journaling, whether you like to write down, type down, or record an inner conversation with yourself is an excellent way to safely vent out all your emotions without judgement. Journaling is an especially helpful way to destress after having an argument because you can work through your feelings and figure out areas where you can find solutions and a compromise.
After physical exertion

After physical exertion

Whether you had an 18-hour work day, ran a marathon, tried a new sport, or had a particularly intense workout, this can leave your physical body drained. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it is important to bring your body into balance to give it the proper physical recovery it needs. 

If your body has been working extra hard for you, try these great ways to de-stress and rejuvenate a tired body. 

  • Sleep: One of the best ways to balance and recenter yourself after being physically stressed is by sleeping. Sleep is the time your body releases growth hormones and repairs muscles which is necessary for your body to recover and become stronger. 
  • Stretch: Stretching, especially dynamic stretching is relaxing, healing, and restorative to a tired body. This is especially beneficial if you’ve had a long day or an intense workout as stretching your muscles opens up tight spots, increases flexibility, and lowers your heart rate into a state of relaxation.
General worry

General worry

Whether it’s the barrage of bad news on world affairs, fluctuating hormones, feelings of inadequacy, general anxiety about the future, we’re all familiar with just feeling stressed for no particular reason or for a variety of reasons that we have little to no control over. Instead of disregarding this type of stress, finding balance within yourself can help you gain a sense of control and peace over what’s worrying you.  

  • Meditate: Countless studies and testimony have attributed meditation as the best way to manage stress and let go of unnecessary stressors. The mindful focus on your breathing helps to keep you grounded while providing clarity and perspective. 
  • Cut down or eliminate stimulants: If you’re feeling general anxiety and can’t pinpoint the reason, chances are you’ve had too much of a stimulant. Caffeine is a common culprit as it’s found in tea, coffee, soda, and even chocolate, but other stimulants such as a sugary meal or alcohol can get your body’s energy levels fluctuating to the point of making you feel uneasy. If you’re feeling anxious, try a cup of calming tea, a nourishing meal that’s low in sugar to help settle your emotions. 

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