Ashwagandha and DHEA

DHEA is a naturally occurring hormone that our body creates. Made in our adrenal glands, DHEA is closely linked to a variety of roles in our body ranging from being a precursor to creating other hormones (testosterone and estrogen), helping to ward off illness, slow down aging and enhance physical fitness. 

Although DHEA is naturally produced in our body, stress, illness and poor diet can significantly deplete DHEA levels. DHEA production declines after early adulthood as well. 

Like many biological changes that come with aging, DHEA decline can be reduced with proper supplementation. As previously mentioned, DHEA slows down aging and boosts our immune system, making supplementing with DHEA or making health choices geared towards increasing your DHEA levels an excellent move for your health and longevity.  

A closer look at the benefits of DHEA

DHEA is connected to many systems within our body. As you’ll see with these overarching bodily processes, it’s easy to understand the extent to which DHEA levels have in our body ranging from something as simple as how we feel on a given day to promoting a long and healthy life.



DHEA can be touted as the ‘anti-aging hormone’. This is due to a direct correlation between aging and declining levels of DHEA. Aging issues such as lowered bone density and muscle mass, low libido, and cognitive decline are all linked to lower DHEA levels. 

When it comes to conventional medicine, studies are still being done before modern medicine catches up and fully grasps the benefits of DHEA. If you suspect you’re low on DHEA, be proactive and talk with your healthcare provider about this as it isn’t standard or even well known to have your DHEA levels tested.

Hormone health

Hormone health

As a precursor to other hormones created within our body, namely estrogen and testosterone, it becomes clear that DHEA is vital for our hormone health and functions associated with it such as libido, fertility, and mood regulation. 

Low DHEA levels are also typical amongst diabetics indicating DEAH’s connection with our insulin hormone and blood sugar management. 

If you’re facing hormonal issues ranging from poor glucose metabolism, trouble conceiving, low libido, chronic fatigue, irregular menstruation, low levels of DHEA are likely to be in play here. As our hormones are closely connected, it would be worth checking and supplementing with DHEA as it is a precursor for many.



When it comes to our immunity, think of DHEA as the counterbalance to Cortisol. Seeing as both these hormones are created in our adrenal glands, high cortisol levels are linked to low DHEA levels and vice versa. Why this is significant for our immune health is due to the immune-dampening effects of cortisol. 

If you’ve ever felt stressed, or are frequently stressed, you’ll well know that it’s hard to focus, sleep, and feel good. This is due to too much cortisol and too little DHEA in your blood. Chronic stress makes you more susceptible to catching a disease. This is why healthy DHEA levels are so important as this hormone helps to control elevated levels of cortisol and keeping your immune system in check.

DHEA and Ashwagandha

DHEA and Ashwagandha

According to Harvard Health, the benefits of DHEA are much needed. Think healthy aging, strengthened immunity, and hormone health.  

Because DHEA levels are so easily affected by external factors such as insufficient nutrition, elevated insulin, lack of sleep and exposure to toxins, you’ll see that these are all various forms of stress we subject our body to, all of which are typical in our modern and fast-paced lifestyle. 

Fortunately, with the right nutrition, our body can become well equipped when dealing with stress. This is where Ashwagandha comes in. This ancient root, well renown in Ayurveda, is prized for its adaptogenic properties, namely its ability to nourish our adrenal glands and in turn help our body to better handle stress. As an adaptogen, Ashwagandha helps to bring our body back to balance and keep balanced. 

When we’re chronically stressed, our adrenal glands become ‘fatigued’ from too much cortisol. This drastically lowers the production of other adrenal hormones such as DHEA. This is why Ashwagandha is especially beneficial for those looking to decrease stress and increase DHEA levels. Taking Ashwagandha is directly correlated to an increase DHEA levels. If you’re chronically stressed and facing issues related to low DHEA levels, know that supplementing with Ashwagandha can greatly improve your stress levels and benefit your overall wellbeing. 

Learn more about Ashwagandha here. 

Promote healthy DHEA levels by starting at the root, your adrenal glands. Keep stress at bay and give your body the right nutrition it needs to handle stress with the help of Ashwagandha and Calm-Anti Anxiety. These two supplements pair well as they help to prevent adrenal fatigue and keep your body on top of stress.

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