5 Best All-Natural Treatments for Depression

No matter who we are, every one of us has experienced depression at a certain point in our lives. A complex condition with a wide spectrum of emotions, triggers, reasons, and reactions, depression is just one of life’s universal hardships.

But what arises from depression is our emotional resilience, no matter how fleeting or debilitating the heaviness this mental disorder can be. Most individuals can get past depression by making proactive choices that promote your happiness.

Here are the best all-natural ways you can manage depression by making choices that make you happy:

Seek support - Seeking help

1. Seek support

Depression affects us all, which is why it’s important to ignore the stigma around depression and mental disorders in general. The more people feel that it is acceptable to feel depressed, the more welcome they’ll feel to talk about it openly and seek support.

Step 1 in treating depression is accepting you have depression. This means acknowledging how you feel so that others can acknowledge it too. Look to friends and family members who will prioritize your happiness as much as you do.

Care for gut

2. Care for your gut

Did you know that our digestive system and brains are closely linked and have a direct influence over each other? Healthy gut function promotes healthy brain function, which means hormones that influence your happiness (Serotonin, GABA & Dopamine) are adequately produced and secreted.

Gut imbalances are commonly caused by:

  • Lack of fiber: Incorporate more whole foods in your diet and lessen processed foods in order to get the necessary fiber, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to feel its best.
  • Food intolerances: Cutting out common allergens from your diet such as dairy, gluten, and artificial additives (food coloring, food preservatives etc.) could be all that’s keeping you from feeling happy. If you’re unknowingly depressed, try an elimination diet to pinpoint a potential food intolerance.
  • Gut flora imbalance: Add probiotics and digestive enzymes to your diet to optimize your gut microbiome. This is particularly beneficial if you’re taking medication such as antibiotics, which lessen the ‘good bacteria’ in your gut.
Prioritize a lifestyle that promotes your happiness

3. Prioritize a lifestyle that promotes your happiness

Depression doesn’t have to be defined as your lowest point in in life, it can be the turning point where you decided to empower yourself instead. Use your depression an opportunity to find what makes you happy.

Take a moment to honestly assess how you treat yourself and determine what hampers and what promotes your happiness. From there, you can adjust your lifestyle. Often, habits for happiness mean prioritizing healthy food, quality sleep patterns, regular exercise, and meaningful relationships while cutting down or eliminating passive online activity, junk food, and toxic relationships.

4. Take Vitamin B12

Even in the face of life’s hardships, depression is often the result of poor nutrition. We are naturally emotionally resilient to life’s challenges. It is when our bodies are poorly nourished to deal with such stresses that depression can take hold over our mind.

Vitamin B12 in particular, is a nutrient that we need more of when feeling depressed. As stress depletes the vitamins in our body, we would benefit from taking more Vitamin B12 as it is responsible for the production of mood regulating brain chemicals. Take a Vitamin B12 supplement to counter any depressive moods caused by a Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Consider Therapy

5. Consider Therapy

Therapy is a fantastic tool to make sense of complex emotions thanks to the help of an expert and the support of loved ones. Everybody can benefit from therapy. If you want therapy, ignore the misconception that you need to be severely depressed. Everyone is a candidate for therapy. Regardless of how deep your depression goes, talking about it with an expert is an effective means to treat depression. Reach out, there are plenty of organizations that are ready to work with you through depression and its challenges if you don’t know or have access to therapy.

Good nutrition is at the center of a strong body that will help you deal with life’s challenges. Promote your happiness with a Vitamin B12 supplement, an essential in keeping your happiness in check!

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